Lyric is one part of music. Music is an essential and unbreakable part of our life. Lyrics means a poetic form, in which a poet or a lyricist express his emotions. We will found in our Bollywood songs based on all emotions. Since last few decades music, musical instruments and lyrics were undergoing drastic change. As time passes, generations changes and with that change music also changing from classical music-lyrics to pop music-lyrics. But all an all music is always a part of life. We can say that music is a heart and lyrics are heart-bits, means both are co-related to each other.

There are six periods of music. Each period has a special style of music which greatly contributed to today’s music. There are various types of music-lyrics. Rap, rock, pop, indie, country, hardcore, alternative are some of the ample types in the world.

  • Classical Music
  • Hip Hop
  • Electronic
  • Rock Music
  • Latino Music
  • New Age

Rock music lyrics have become more and more explicit. Especially with reference to violence as well as sex. Now a days heavy metal music lyrics have evoked the greatest concern. In today’s environment such lyrics are of special interest which poses new threats to the well-being of adolescents and human health.

A lot of people come to the conclusion that rap music has a very big impact on the world. Music can also serve as a catalyst for new ideas. Rap and Rock music are two very important types of music in the world. Rap and Rock both send different messages and help kids. When people listen to the new things, they learn different things going on in the world and they become more open-minded because they’re exposed to different people like the artists.

The music of the Classical period. The Baroque period was a time when composers experimented with form, styles and instruments. Between 1800 to 1900 is the Romantic Music period. In this period melodies are fuller and dramatic. 20th century brought about many innovations on how music was performed and appreciated.

And, finally we can say that Music shall always remain a form of art.

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